SELF ADHESIVE LASHES - 'SJ': A sexy and whispy eyelash.

Say good bye to all lash glues, magnets, and water. Say hello to our new self adhesive lashes! 

Each lash has an adhesive band all ready to go for lash application! NO further activation or dry time needed! 

Every lash set comes with TWO removable adhesive bands (shown in image 2). To remove the first band, gently peel off the adhesive from the lash band with either your fingers or tweezers. To apply the second lash band onto the lash, place the lash exactly on top of the second band and apply pressure with your fingers or tweezers enabling the band to adhere to the lash band. Gently remove the lash and re apply!

Ensure lash line is clean with no oils or makeup before use. Each band will last up to 5 wears (up to 10 in total). Lash hairs are faux mink made from synthetic fibres. 

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